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Bill Heaps is the Founding Director of Energy for Good Limited and Independent Director of the Community Energy Network (CEN). Since 1990, Bill has held senior executive positions in New Zealand’s electricity industry. He undertook influential leadership roles in the development and operation of electricity markets, including Chair of the Wholesale Market Development and Retail Market Development Advisory Groups for the Electricity Commission. Bill has also been an advisor to the Electricity Authority, Commerce Commission, and international electricity regulators. Bill was Independent Chair of the Vulnerable and Medically Dependent Working Group which engaged broad stakeholder representation to develop improvements in the way that vulnerable electricity consumers are managed by electricity retailers. This work is continuing through the Electricity Retailers Association of New Zealand (ERANZ). Throughout his career, Bill has focused on customer service and is continuing to do this in innovative ways through his new venture – Energy for Good.

How a Humanitarian Hedge Could Help Lift Our Communities Out of Energy Hardship

This opinion editorial has been written by Bill Heaps. Bill is the Founding Director of…
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Our Response to Covid-19

Community Energy Network (CEN) supports the Government in its tough new policies and a large…
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Energy Democracy

Energy democracy is the idea that New Zealand can shift from a centralised, top-down provision…
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Energy Hardship

People living in energy hardship live in homes that perform so poorly that the cost…
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