Failoa Famili Trust

Address: Flat Bush, Auckland
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Our Values are encapsulated in the Samoan proverb “O le ala I le pule o le tautua” – the pathway to leadership is through service.

We believe strong families are the backbone of a strong community and society. We have had leaders support and empower us and especially during times of uncertainty. These leaders allowed us to thrive and to do so with dignity. We know the importance and turning point when leaders step in and open doors and provide practical support and mentorship. We saw too many of our people helpless with their health, wellbeing and financial situation. We saw and experienced too many of our people disconnected and disenabled with employment opportunities and particularly with the information technology sector. We wanted the Pacific people to reconnect with their culture and environment to tap into the innate skills they already have, grow their own food and be agile and creative in responding to change.

We were raised to serve others. Leadership through service and in-so-doing we want to restore and renew. We desire for all Pacific people to be leaders in their families and in turn to show leadership to others.

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