Phil Squire
Phil is the Chair of the Board and CEO of Sustainability Trust in Wellington. Phil was also shortlisted for the Vector Energy Leadership Award in this year’s EECA Awards. Phil also rides a bike to work – no mean feat in Wellington.

Paul Hansen
Paul is the Operations Manager for CBEC up in Kaitaia and is on the Board of the Insulation Association of New Zealand. CBEC form one half (along with He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust) of Heathy Homes Tai Tokerau.

Sumaria Beaton
Sumaria is the General Manager for Awarua Synergy based in Invercargill and working throughout Southland. Awarua have strong partnerships with Council, philanthropic organisations and Iwi.

Gareth Cartwright
Gareth is the Executive Officer for CEN. He has worked in the tertiary education, corporate and local government sectors so has developed a healthy sense of humour. He lives in Cambridge with his wife and two boys slowly doing up his cold, damp and draughty house.

Independent Director #1
We are in the process of recruiting two Directors from outside of CEN membership. This is an exciting opportunity for us to bring in highly skilled and experienced people who can help us increase our value to members and their communities.

Independent Director #2
These Directors will share our focus on grabbing opportunities for community based social enteprises to lead the healthy homes sector.