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Every home is different in terms of how it performs and what needs to be done to make it warmer, dryer and healthier for the people living in it. The key bits to get right include:

  • Properly installed insulation
  • Getting the right type of heating
  • Ventilation to remove damp stale air
  • Stopping the draughts
  • Installing a ground moisture barrier if you have a raised floor
  • Changes in behaviour.

Our member organisations have highly trained staff (see Home Performance Advisor course) who know what to look for, what changes to prioritise and how to set up an improvement plan within your budget. Often, where there are people with Community Services Cards in the house, these assessments are free.

This allows the home owners and/or renters the ability to access this information as easily as possible and ensures that the money you have is spent on making actual improvements.Please either contact your local CEN member  or the Executive Officer

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