Lining up your Curtains

When people talk about insulation, having effective curtains is something that isn’t often thought about. Curtains that are lined and installed properly will make a massive difference to how well a room keeps the heat in. Well set up curtains are also considerably cheaper than double glazing windows and insulating walls, so should probably be the first thing you look at to help your walls perform better.

Making sure you have effective curtains does not need to cost the earth – sometimes the fix is free! Many of our members and community partners run curtain banks where curtains are donated. These are then remade, if required, so that anyone from the community can use them for their homes. They can also provide advice on materials, design and how to hang curtains properly if you’re more of a DIY type person.

Contact your local CEN member to find out more or click below to go to other curtain banks in New Zealand.

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