How Healthy Rentals Compliance Works

We’ve tried to make the compliance process as straightforward as we can. The diagram below highlights how we will work with you to ensure your property is compliant as well as free from key major maintenance issues.

If you have any further questions about the process bow please feel free to contact us.

Click Here to view pdf of Certification Diagram

* Note that some certifiers may be able to offer assessments at a reduced cost due to other funding they receive.


Some assessors may be able to provide some or all of the service required to fix the issues. All assessors are bound by the Home Performance Advisor Code of Conduct. This Code stipulates that all assessors must recommend that the home owner get 3 quotes before deciding on a service provider.

If you are not happy with how the assessor has approached you regarding the process to complete the retrofit then please let us know and we will follow up.


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