What We Do

What we do
CEN’s member organisations have been set up to meet a large range of community needs, including:


When people talk about insulation, curtains are often overlooked. That said, effective curtains that are installed properly will make a massive difference to how well a room performs. They do not need to cost the earth – sometimes it’s free!

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Putting ceiling and underfloor insulation into homes has been the bread and butter for many of our members since EECA announced the beginning of the Warm Up New Zealand Programme (hyperlinked). Throughout the life of this programme CEN members have insulated over 80,000 homes! We are justifiably proud of this achievement.

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Every home is different in terms of how it performs and what needs to be done to make it warmer, dryer and healthier for the people living in it. This can include insulation, heating, ventilation, draught proofing, ground moisture barriers and, cheapest of all, changes in behaviour. 

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Home Performance Advisor Training

Are you someone who loves getting into the detail of finding out why something works the way it does? Do you like understanding how parts of a whole interact with each other to deliver a final outcome? And finally, does the idea of working with home owners (and renters) to make their homes healthy appeal to you?

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