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Tackling Rheumatic Fever


In deprived areas of NZ, there is a strong link between poor housing quality and rheumatic fever, a disease that can cause swelling of the heart, joints, brain, and skin, and can lead to permanent heart damage, and premature death.

Sustainability Trust has worked in the field of housing and health for many years, investing millions of dollars in our Warm Fuzzies programme, the Wellington Curtain Bank, community education, subsidised insulation, and housing advice.

Sustainability Trust and three other local partners (He Kaianga Oranga, Regional Public Health, Tu Kotahi Maori Asthma Trust) have been contracted by the Ministry of Health to run the newly established Well Homes initiative. We are tasked with reducing household crowding for families at risk of rheumatic fever in the Wellington region. Collectively, we will work with 850 families across Wellington region, over the next few years. And for those households who do not fall within the Well Homes eligibility criteria, Warm Fuzzies Wellington and our other community services will continue to provide intensive housing help.

Sustainability Trust is a social enterprise, and registered charity. All profits from our income generating businesses are used for good in the community.

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