Becoming a Funder

CEN have a number of opportunities that will significantly improve the lives of families currently living in unhealthy homes. If you are interested in helping CEN and member organisations then we would love to hear from you.

Examples for how a sponsor could help:

  1. The Complete Healthy Home – a full retrofit including insulation, fixed heating, ventilation and moisture barrier systems is the best way to assure a healthy outcome for families. A key benefit of working with us is that CEN members have very good relationships with DHBs and PHOs in many regions who can provide referrals regarding the homes/people that need the most help. This programme could be focussed on one particular community or a specific group of people throughout New Zealand.
  2. High quality assessments – usually the first hurdle to get buy-in from home owners is for them to understand the issues they have in their homes and the benefits of addressing these. For a reasonable fee to cover time and travel, Members have highly qualified staff that can assess homes from top to bottom and sit down with home owners to discuss options that fit within their budget.
  3. Ultra efficient burners – in many parts of NZ, a heat pump may not be the best option to heat your home. This could be due to issues such as a significant drop in performance on very cold days or if there is plenty of free/cheap firewood around. In this case using a wood burner may well be cheaper and more effective. We have been working with an engineer in Canterbury who has designed an extremely efficient (hot!) and low emission wood burner that would be perfect in this situation. All we need is a funder to partner with is to help commercialise the product.

Full or Associate Membership

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