Do rental properties have to have insulation?

Healthy Rental Assessments under the Residential Tenancies Act

Welcome! If you are a landlord or property manager and you’re looking for a straight forward, cost effective way of ensuring compliance with the new requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act, you’ve come to the right place.

This assessment provides value two ways:

  1. Gives you all the information you need to comply with the Rental Tenancies Act with regards to insulation and smoke alarms, including identifying where a house is exempt from these new rules.
  2. Recommends key improvements that can future proof your property regarding protecting the investment and responding to increased standards through future changes in the RTA.

Healthy Rental Assessments are run through the Community Energy Network and member organisations. The primary goal of CEN is to work with everyone to ensure we have efficient and effective housing.

Our members have industry trained and highly experienced assessors spread throughout most of New Zealand. These experts can:

  • Quickly and easily check your rental property and either issue a certificate of compliance straight away or give you the information you need to fix any issues.
  • Give you advice regarding any subsidies available to you that will make the fix cheaper.
  • Talk to your tenants to ensure they understand how the house works so they can keep it is as dry and warm as possible, which means they stay healthy and your investment is protected.
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