Energy Hardship

People living in energy hardship live in homes that perform so poorly that the cost of keeping the home warm and dry (and have hot water when they need it) is too high. Lining up with the dynamics of economic poverty, energy hardship comes from having a home that is hard to heat and keep […]

Response to Healthy Homes #1

The Healthy Housing Standards (HHS) for rental properties have just been released. Firstly, congratulations to the Government on pushing the standards up by a reasonable margin. This has improved the conversations we are having about the quality of our homes. This is a marked improvement on efforts from previous Governments. Before we get into a […]

Impact Measurement and the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act

The cold of winter is here and housing, energy and health are firmly at the top of the country’s agenda. We are approaching a “fork in the road” with the passage of the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act (HHGA) into law and the major changes that will follow from July 2019. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity for […]