Energy Hardship

People living in energy hardship live in homes that perform so poorly that the cost of keeping the home warm and dry (and have hot water when they need it) is too high. Lining up with the dynamics of economic poverty, energy hardship comes from having a home that is hard to heat and keep […]

Government announces stricter standards for ‘warmer, drier’ rental homes

The Government’s new standards for healthy homes have been released and sets down a higher standard of requirements for owners to meet in order to ensure New Zealanders are able to live in warm, dry homes. Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford announced the standards today, saying that making sure all New Zealanders had […]

New rules and regulations for Property Managers and Landlords

About the new rules and regulations From 1 July 2016 all landlords and their property managers are responsible for ensuring the rental properties they own or manage comply with the Residential Properties Act. Here we explain the new rules and regulations which under the new law relate to insultation and smoke alarms. We’ve tried our […]

Improving the lives of New Zealanders since 2004

Our members have been improving the lives of New Zealanders through genuine community engagement and reach, since 2004. Members of the Community Energy Network, or CEN, have worked with well over 100,000 vulnerable families. We can be found in just about every region in New Zealand, literally from Cape Reinga to the Bluff. Who we […]

Government passes Healthy Homes bill, requiring all rentals to be warm and dry

After several tries in opposition, the new Government have passed a law requiring rentals to be warm, dry, and well ventilated. The law will require landlords to guarantee that any new tenancy from July 1, 2019 must be either properly insulated or contain a heating source able to make the home warm and dry. All […]

Landlords aren’t insulating rental properties fast enough, insulation industry says

The insulation industry says landlords aren’t insulating rental properties fast enough and tens of thousands of properties could fail new standards with a deadline now less than two years away. The Insulation Association of New Zealand, which claims it represents more than 90 per cent of the industry, says a survey of members has returned […]