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Margaret Black, Bluff, wanted to warm the Bluff Medical Centre and to eradicate signs of dampness.  Bluff Medical Centre has been around for 24 years and is run by nine Trustees. Awarua Synergy offered a great price which was appreciated by the Trustees.  “The Centre is vastly warmer now and much more comfortable since being insulated.  The electricity bill will definitely be reduced and that will be a huge benefit.  Having the insulation installed has been very worthwhile and was rather quickly done.  The boys didn’t make me feel in the way.  The experience was absolutely wonderful with everybody working efficiently.”

Angela Van Ranst, Invercargill, heard about Awarua Synergy’s services on the radio. After having her free measure and quote Angela decided to accept her estimate and has had the insulation installed. Her house is an older, solid style which she loves. “Although the kitchen and bedrooms have only one window in each room which necessitates having lights on during the day, I love the spacious house and its beautiful garden.” After insulation was installed Angela noticed a huge difference with the warmth inside her home. “I’ve told everyone I know just how great the insulation is.”

“We are stoked to get free insulation in our home. It has made a big difference, there is a general felling of warmth & dryness. We don’t sit around with blankets anymore. It improves the value of our house and all houses in Bluff. Go Bluff.” Emily Osborne

Gerrard Leishman, Invercargill, approached Awarua Synergy because he wanted to make his home more comfortable by putting in insulation. Keeping his family of four warm yet trying to save on energy bills was a real challenge. Especially because his two youngest suffer from bronchitis. “The youngest boy is so bad he cannot attend day centre”.
Gerrard’s house is relatively large at 150m2 but knows with insulation the warmth will no longer escape through the roof and floor. “It has made a tremendous difference in keeping the house warm and comfortable and I no longer fear the colder weather.”

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