A Fresh Energy Hardship Framework

CEN Introduction What do we need to do to eliminate energy hardship in Aotearoa/New Zealand? The framework discussion below is the second blog of two written by Ian McChesney. It neatly highlights the key areas for discussion and emphasises the need to improve the way we develop consensus on complex issues that deeply impact the […]

Redefining how we measure energy hardship

This ‘10% threshold’ discussion below has been written by Ian McChesney. Ian is deeply experienced in the community energy sector, having co-founded CEN member CEA in 1994. He was CEA’s representative on the forerunner to CEN (EECN – Energy Efficiency Community Network) and has recently worked with CEN on their response to the Healthy Homes […]

Energy Democracy

Energy democracy is the idea that New Zealand can shift from a centralised, top-down provision of energy to one that prioritises deep engagement and local decision-making for communities to literally “own” their energy network. The reason this is so important is not only because it helps to give a resilient supply of electricity, but it […]

Energy Hardship

People living in energy hardship live in homes that perform so poorly that the cost of keeping the home warm and dry (and have hot water when they need it) is too high. Lining up with the dynamics of economic poverty, energy hardship comes from having a home that is hard to heat and keep […]

Response to Healthy Homes #1

The Healthy Housing Standards (HHS) for rental properties have just been released. Firstly, congratulations to the Government on pushing the standards up by a reasonable margin. This has improved the conversations we are having about the quality of our homes. This is a marked improvement on efforts from previous Governments. Before we get into a […]

Government announces stricter standards for ‘warmer, drier’ rental homes

The Government’s new standards for healthy homes have been released and sets down a higher standard of requirements for owners to meet in order to ensure New Zealanders are able to live in warm, dry homes. Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford announced the standards today, saying that making sure all New Zealanders had […]

How Healthy Rentals Compliance Works

We’ve tried to make the compliance process as straightforward as we can. The diagram below highlights how we will work with you to ensure your property is compliant as well as free from key major maintenance issues. If you have any further questions about the process bow please feel free to contact us. Click Here […]