Community energy advances collective and citizen-based initiatives in the energy and healthy homes sectors

Our aim is to put healthy homes and community energy in the public spotlight, to get community organisations talking, and to inspire citizen engagement in our renewable energy transition.


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CEN and our members are working to grow local resilience and community leadership in the energy and healthy homes sectors

CEN understands that climate change impacts are already creating considerable disruption to our way of living. However, the transition to a low carbon society can bring opportunities for us all too. Building a community energy sector and retrofitting our housing stock so everyone is living in a healthy home are two of these opportunities. CEN is working hard to work with partners in the energy and community sectors so that communities themselves set up and run renewable generation, storage, and demand management services. This is done alongside our other core work around improving the quality of our homes and educating everyone in our communities about how to use their energy more efficiently while living in warm, dry homes. 

Our members respond directly to the needs of their communities

We have members from Kaitaia to Bluff who are deeply connected to their regional networks and who are responding directly to the needs of their communities. This means that we take a systemic and integrated approach to programmes that increase the health and wellbeing of our communities.