Awarua Synergy

Address: 117 Eye St, Invercargill Contact phone: 0800 927 676 (0800 Warm South) Contact email: The Deep South is a challenging place to live, with resilient, pragmatic people to match the environment. In our region, cold weather and damp can severely impact the warmth and moisture in our homes, farms and businesses, which then […]

House Performance

Our position is based on what we believe is sound technical knowledge provided by BRANZ and the Eco Design Advisor service. It is our view that the majority of New Zealand housing stock performs poorly regarding staying warm and dry. This is especially the case regarding a significant proportion of our rental properties. CEN believes […]

Tackling Rheumatic Fever

In deprived areas of NZ, there is a strong link between poor housing quality and rheumatic fever, a disease that can cause swelling of the heart, joints, brain, and skin, and can lead to permanent heart damage, and premature death.